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Acclivity. swimwear are designed by our talented team that have chosen fabrics specifically for their perfect combination between softness and resiliency. Caring for your swimwear in the appropriate manner is the best way possible to ensure that it will not deteriorate in an untimely manner. To keep your Acclivity. swimwear in pristine condition, please follow our care instructions as listed below;

    • Wash your swimwear in fresh, cold water as soon as possible after wearing. Ideally, leave your swimwear to soak in the water for a minimum of 20 minutes before adding a small cap full of a gentle hand soap (that contains no moisturisers) or a gentle detergent specifically formulated for fabrics with a high spandex content. Carefully work the soapy water through the entire swimwear and make sure to rinse thoroughly in cold water until all soap is gone.
    • Lay your swimwear flat on a towel to dry in the shade. It is advised not to hang or ring out the swimwear as this could cause stretching and damage to the delicate fabrics. Make sure your swimwear is completely dry before putting it away.
    • Never wash your swimwear in the washing machine, including on the delicate/hand-wash cycle. Water temperatures within washing machines are hard to regulate whilst at the same time, the detergents that are produces to be used with washing machines are very strong.
    • Use caution when using sun creams, tanning oils or going into water that has chlorine. Exposure of these products to your swimwear may cause damage and/or discolouring. Be also aware of rough surfaces as this can cause pulling and snagging of the fabrics.


Please note that we are unable to assume responsibility for any damages the swimwear may incur if cared for otherwise.

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